Arthritis can be a serious problem for many people when it comes to living their daily lives. Over 50 million Americans have arthritis, and for a large percentage of these people their joint pain keeps them from completing tasks for work, school, or even just going through their day without pain. If you’re suffering from arthritis, here’s how our pain management specialists can help you.

Acute Treatment

Not all arthritis causes consistent problems for everyone all the time. Joint pain can interfere more in the lives of certain patients than others, and recognizing that is important in determining the best path forward for treatment. If your arthritis-related joint pain only causes problems every now and then, finding a treatment option for when your symptoms flare up can help you get back to life as usual.

Long-Term Arthritis Symptoms

Joint pain can cause knee pain, back pain, and more. This is especially prominent in aging patients, where arthritis symptoms have been developing for several years. Because the symptoms have developed slowly, many people don’t easily notice the worsening of joint pain symptoms. Situations like these require long-term solutions to help manage joint pain, but when an appropriate solution is found, it can make a world of difference.

Keeping your joint pain under control can help you get back to your daily life more comfortably. Joint pain management can be tricky, but finding the most appropriate solution to your arthritis problems is important.

For the joint pain treatment Wichita KS trusts, contact Advanced Pain Medicine Associates today. We can help you manage your arthritis and other joint pain so you can get back to living a pain-free life.