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I recommend anyone suffering from chronic pain as i have for years to Dr. Parks and his staff. Rita Simpson has also done a remarkable job in helping me get pain relief . The staff is always so friendly, it makes going to the doctor not such a mundane task.

I recommend anyone

-Laurie G.

My husband could hardly walk across the house without excruciating pain in both legs, and this went on for several years. Dr. Parks gave him a series of epidurals, and he is now pain free! He's like a new man; the daily complaining has stopped. I will say that it took 4 shots over a period of 2 or 3 months. It was after the 4th, that the pain finally quit, so don't give up after 1 or 2...

My husband could hardly walk

-J Russell

The Doctor was absolutely phenomenal. He took as much time as we needed and answered all of our questions. Top notch physician and excellent care and customer service.



Dear Dr. Jon Parks: I don’t know how to thank you and your entire staff adequately for your professional excellence in handling my scoliosis diagnosis, my pain, and my intricate procedure this morning. Having practiced general dentistry for forty-two years, I have great admiration for your bedside manner and surgeon’s technique. You were relaxed, and your casual banter successfully took my mind off the procedure. Well done sir. When I carried the referral to your office from my doctor, I felt nervous and afraid because it was my first time for steroid injections between my vertebrae. But when I saw your beautiful clinic and therapy dogs that greeted me in the hallway, I knew I was in competent hands. Your relaxed attitude and banter with your surgical assistant allowed me to relax and follow your instructions. Both you and your surgical assistant were superb. Upon leaving, I tried to compare the excellent experience I had at your office this morning, to my gut resection at K.U. Medical hospital 42 years ago. I will always be grateful for the kind, helpful and professional manner in which you and your staff gave me in my time of need. Please thank your assistant and front office staff in particular who made my visit more pleasant than I could ever have imagined. Wichita is lucky to have such an excellent facility and healer as you, to help us when we are in pain.


Don M.

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