*Statistics show patients who remain off work due to injury for 6 months or longer are unlikely to return to the workforce. Depending on the severity of the patient’s injury, there is a great advantage in treating their pain during the acute phase as it will lend to better odds of avoiding a chronic pain issue and getting them back to work in a more expeditious manner.


If you are an injured worker with an open claim or open medical and wish to be referred for Pain Management you will need to have the approval of your work comp carrier. You can have your attorney, work comp adjuster or nurse case manager contact our office to start this process.

Referring Physician Offices, Attorneys, Case Managers or Adjusters

We require patient demographics and medical records as well as all necessary billing and work comp contact information when referring a patient. If you have further questions please contact the New Patient Scheduler at 316-942-4519 option 4. Please fax medical records to: 316-942-4655.

It is our goal to decrease pain symptoms while increasing the patients function. Continuity of care is crucial when referring to pain management to ensure a cohesive partnership by offering a direct line of communication through our in-house case manager, Dana Pepper. Please do not hesitate to contact Dana with any questions or concerns you may have throughout the course of care at 316-942-4519 ext. 204 or email her at [email protected]


    All consultations and follow up appointments will be scheduled with a physician assistant. The PA’s will manage patient care and treatment with Dr. Parks providing all interventional procedures. Dr. Parks will remain involved in all patient care by meeting weekly with each physician assistant for case review and treatment recommendations


    If you need to speak with the PA following an appointment please schedule with the front office. We cannot accept walk-ins.


    At Advanced Pain Medicine Associates, we take the manner of prescribing medications very seriously and follow strict office and federal guidelines. Those patients prescribed a controlled substance through this clinic are counseled on the expectations of receiving and monitoring medications. Patients are required to sign a medication contract agreeing to monthly pill counts and quarterly random drug screens. Refusal to participate with these policies can result in the termination of prescribing such medications and/or from this clinic. Advanced Pain Medicine Associates collects and processes our own drug screens. We DO NOT allow outside drug kits or screenings.


    Dr. Parks and his team specialize in the treatment of pain and do not provide opinion of work status, physical or functional assessments as this falls beyond the scope of their expertise.


    If you are needing restrictions set, monitored, updated, or lifted you will need to obtain those from the provider who initially set these in place or obtain them from the PCP or appropriate specialist. We do not take patients off work other than for routine post-procedure recuperation or outpatient surgery for those receiving spinal cord stimulators or intrathecal pumps.