With more than 1.5 billion people suffering from chronic pain around the world, today’s medicine offers countless options for pain relief. From medications to physical therapy to surgical procedures, those who experience pain have more options for pain relief than ever before. But when it comes to joint pain, which can often be caused by inflammation, joint injections can be beneficial in alleviating pain. So let’s take a closer look at how joint injections work and the benefits they can offer.

Why Get A Joint Injection?

Pain management doctors may suggest joint injections for a variety of reasons. The biggest benefit of joint injections is inflammation reduction. When a joint becomes inflamed, it can cause extreme pain. So knee, hip, or shoulder pain can be caused by inflammation. Generally, joint injections can relieve pain short-term and allow patients to partake in physical therapy as a long-term pain management solution. Joint injections are best for patients who are looking for pain relief to allow them to explore other long-term solutions. Overall, joint injections are a low-risk, easy option for relieving hip, knee, and shoulder pain.

What Benefits Can Joint Injections Offer?

Joint injections are similar to any other injection or shot you may get. First, the injection site will be cleaned. In some cases, an anesthetic spray or cream may be applied to reduce discomfort from the injection. Depending on where the injection is going, doctors may use additional equipment like ultrasound to ensure they’re getting the needle in the right spot in the body. Once the needle is in place, the doctor will release the medicine into the injection site and that’s about it. Patients can sometimes experience soreness after the injection but a few days after the injection, patients can start to experience pain relief. If the soreness or pain worsens, it’s important for patients to contact their doctor right away.

The thought of getting injections in such sensitive areas can be nerve-wracking. But if your doctor has recommended joint injections for your hip, knee, or shoulder pain, you should highly consider it. Along with the right pain medications and physical therapy, joint injections can significantly reduce inflammation and help you on your journey towards being free of pain.